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Play Birdy Birdy
Feed the eagle and stay alive and don't get yoruself eaten by bigger birds, ...

(Played 1048 times)
Play Sheep Invaders Sheep Invaders
Galaxy clone using flying sheep, ...

(Played 969 times)
Play Paper Toss Paper Toss
Bored at school? Play basketball with scrunched up paper, just for fun....

(Played 883 times)
Play Snowboard Stunts Snowboard Stunts
Snowboarding is fun.. Doing tricks mid air is fun also.. How about doi......

(Played 1303 times)
Play Hide Needs Sake Hide Needs Sake
Collect 5 bottles of Japanese sake for hide. If you pick the wrong kind of drink, the game finishes....

(Played 1004 times)
Play Maxim's Adventure Maxim's Adventure
Ride the skateboard as Maxim, ...

(Played 1154 times)
Play Paper Pilot Paper Pilot
Design your plane, practice flying it and then when you feel confident, challenge you buddies and ki...

(Played 684 times)
Play Dragon Stick Z Dragon Stick Z
This is a street fighting game using stick figures BUT technique and combos from the Dragonball Z an...

(Played 1047 times)
Play Killer Cars Killer Cars
Get to the required number of points before time runs out!, ...

(Played 1052 times)
Guide POL to walk safely through the street, ...

(Played 1093 times)
Play Mars Mission Mars Mission
Avoid the meteors and land your spacecraft on Mars, ...

(Played 791 times)
Play Ball Breaker Ball Breaker
Use the ball to hit the brick and let them disappear. When the ball fall, catch it with the stick. I...

(Played 929 times)
Play The Great Escape The Great Escape
Educative game to teach about importance of calcium intake, ...

(Played 904 times)
Play Bob Hungry Bob Hungry
Catch good food and avoid bad and junk food!, ...

(Played 992 times)
Play Alien Dash Alien Dash
Crossing the street safely, ...

(Played 1083 times)
Play Alpine Skiing Alpine Skiing
Ski downhill and collect stars, ...

(Played 1127 times)
Play Puzzled 1 Puzzled 1
Try to escape from the room in this graphical adventure, ...

(Played 868 times)
Play Pencil Racer Pencil Racer
Create your own track with loops and jumps and test it out with vehicles like ducks, tractors, tanks...

(Played 713 times)
Play Brewery Defender Brewery Defender
Protect the brewery long enough to transport the precious beer away., ...

(Played 947 times)
Play Frisbee Dog Frisbee Dog
Timed the position and the height and let the dog catch the frisbee, ...

(Played 982 times)

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