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 Casino and Cards

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Play Winged Bullet Winged Bullet
You are a bullet with wings. Control yourself properly and you will be flying much further than a r...

(Played 1036 times)
Play Shift 4 Shift 4
Another awesome round of levels from the Shift series....

(Played 633 times)
Play Zomblower Zomblower

(Played 521 times)
Play Chisel Chisel

(Played 570 times)
Play Coconut Curumba Coconut Curumba
Find the coconut that has the ball underneath it....

(Played 1129 times)
Play Murder Escape Murder Escape
You must escape your victims aparment before the cops arrive! Try to o......

(Played 1120 times)
Play Diver Duck Diver Duck
Help the duck collect as much money as possible!...

(Played 1347 times)
Play Lint Lint
Run through each level as fast as you possible can....

(Played 614 times)
Play Celebrity Pedigree Celebrity Pedigree
A weird game where you breed celebrity dogs to create optimal puppies....

(Played 697 times)
Play Crazy Driving Crazy Driving

(Played 557 times)
Play Cop Baby Cop Baby
Raise the baby to be a good cop. Feed and train her to keep her entertained....

(Played 871 times)
Play Radarix Radarix
Spinning Puzzle Game. Rotate the rings to make color combinations before you run out of time....

(Played 1076 times)
Play Pill Cannon Pill Cannon
Shoot the pills at the humans to try and save their lives....

(Played 635 times)
Play Bunny Bunny Boom Bunny Bunny Boom

(Played 614 times)
Play Wheels of Slavation Wheels of Slavation

(Played 1123 times)
Play Bunny Bunny Bunny Bunny
Cute teeny tiny puzzle game in the style of retro Japanese brain teasers....

(Played 989 times)
Play LoopyLoops Kitchen LoopyLoops Kitchen
Make some sweet kitchen music....

(Played 658 times)
Play DrunknPuke DrunknPuke
This guy lost his job, girlfriend, and his dog was killed... Get drinking....

(Played 917 times)
Play Color World Color World

(Played 1739 times)
Play Bug Time Bug Time
Exterminate the bugs...

(Played 1329 times)

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