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Play Madness Tribute Madness Tribute
A tribute to the Madness Combat series, with colorful animation and merciless killing!...

(Played 1494 times)
Play Stray Bullet Stray Bullet
The happy bullet with aim of destroying marvelous things....

(Played 1674 times)
Play Static Static
A flash animation featuring a brutal one on one fight between two stick men....

(Played 1795 times)
Play Super Hero Clock Super Hero Clock
A new mysterious super hero strikes the city. The Warrior of Time has arrived....

(Played 1092 times)
Play Combo no. 5 Combo no. 5
A very funny parody of the song Mambo Number 5 set in a Chinese restau......

(Played 0 times)
Play End Of The World End Of The World
A funny flash movie that explains the consequences of the nuclear arms race....

(Played 2476 times)
Play Bungee Jumping Time Bungee Jumping Time
Enjoy the bungee jumping in a funny style by clay men in this humorous flash video....

(Played 1653 times)
Play PSP Fish Commercial PSP Fish Commercial
A parody of the animated PSP commercials as seen on TV....

(Played 1113 times)
Play Deck Waving Deck Waving
Germaine tries to use her sexuality to manipulate a card game with sticky results....

(Played 1142 times)
Play Mengo Mango Mengo Mango
Enjoy this funny flash animation that features a monkey and gorilla....

(Played 1094 times)
Play Dr Bob Dr Bob
Dr Bob, a mad doctor of the clay world kills more of his patients then......

(Played 1192 times)
Play Trapper Trapper
This humorous flash animation features clay men and gives an important lesson....

(Played 1148 times)
Play Nims Winter Tale Nims Winter Tale
This tale is about a little pixie called Nim who lives in a boulder deep in the Winterwoods....

(Played 916 times)
Play Lab Shutdown Lab Shutdown
James is on a mission to destroy a lab that is converting humans into mutants....

(Played 1536 times)
Play Autumn Tree Autumn Tree
A flash about the two teenagers responsible for the Columbine tragedy....

(Played 1147 times)
Play Xxiao 08 Xxiao 08
The carry on from movie 07.. another awesome movie!...

(Played 1485 times)
Play Counter Strike De Dust Counter Strike De Dust
This is a hilarious tribute to the most popular video game 'Counter Strike'...

(Played 6234 times)
Play Go Away Go Away
Watch this nice flash animation and feel the author`s pain expressed in a musical way....

(Played 2063 times)
Play A Robot A Robot
Two clay men come across a rebel robot who is on a rampage in the clay world....

(Played 2914 times)
Play True Story Horror True Story Horror
This is based on a true story while driving on a deserted road....

(Played 3877 times)

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