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 Adventure RPG
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Play Mixel Mixel
Run around avoiding bad guys and try to get the key to unlock the level....

(Played 743 times)
Play Ploop Ploop
Escape out of the maze by collecting all the balls and solving the mystery to the exit....

(Played 3214 times)
Play Perfect Summit Perfect Summit
How good are you at being a private detective? Try to solve this ...

(Played 1073 times)
Play Wonder Boy Wonder Boy
Help this boy collect all of the keys while avoiding all of the hazards and get him to the door with...

(Played 771 times)
Play Puzzled 2 Puzzled 2
The second installment in the hugely popular...

(Played 834 times)
Play Little Soldiers Little Soldiers
Little Soldiers is great strategy puzzle solving fun. Your Little Soldiers obey your every command....

(Played 1153 times)
Play Rescue Mission Rescue Mission
Fight your way through enemy territory while rescuing hostages!...

(Played 1193 times)
Play Max Merisia Chp3 RPG Max Merisia Chp3 RPG
If you like RPGs than this should be a good game for you... Beware of spelling mistakes though!...

(Played 824 times)
Play Hot Air Bloon Hot Air Bloon
Direct your hot air bloon through the different levels trying to collect as many bloons as possible....

(Played 830 times)
Play Tower Of Greed Tower Of Greed
Escape the Tower Of Greed while gathering as many valuables as possible....

(Played 740 times)
Play Orc Hunter Orc Hunter
Orc Hunter Chop down orcs with your sword, get gold to upgrade damage, speed, health and defeat the ...

(Played 4039 times)
Play Satanorium Satanorium

(Played 586 times)
Play Captain Jack Adventure Captain Jack Adventure
Collect the treasure as you destroy your enemies in this ocean adventure....

(Played 855 times)
Play Metal Slug Rampage 3 Metal Slug Rampage 3
The merciless rampage of Marco continues after escaping the UN forces, to rule the world....

(Played 1667 times)
Play Rileys Out Again Rileys Out Again
The Reincarnation series returns with more point and click fun....

(Played 1223 times)
Play Staggy 2 Staggy 2
In this gruesome game help Stagy kill as many boyscouts as possible....

(Played 640 times)
Play Androkids 2 Androkids 2
A fun Mario adventure style game with awesome hand drawn graphics....

(Played 796 times)
Play Benda Bot Benda Bot
Complete Each level with your benda bot wioth out falling down pits or being killed from bad guys....

(Played 934 times)
Play Adventures of Jack Adventures of Jack
You are a young kid exploring these drug filled streets. Talk to pimps druggies and avoid cops....

(Played 1305 times)
Play Castle Run Castle Run
Run around the castle looking for coins and keys to figure out each level....

(Played 826 times)

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