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 Adventure RPG
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Play Vegas Invader Vegas Invader
The city needs to be destroyed so you can get energy to fuel up the spaceship and with the Earthling...

(Played 976 times)
Play Imperium Imperium
Build, train and grow your empire. Choose from different weapons and try and defeat your enemies....

(Played 989 times)
Play Superman Returns Superman Returns

(Played 509 times)
Play Zayo Zayo
Try to escape your jail cell by quietly finding a way to get out and beating up the guards on the wa...

(Played 881 times)
Play Yoko Ruta Yoko Ruta
Open the lock in every level to advance in the next challenging stage....

(Played 1803 times)
Play Dragon Gem Dragon Gem
Guide the little warrior through dense jungles defeating all the baddies....

(Played 3298 times)
Play Millie and the Goblin Rescue Millie and the Goblin Rescue
Help Kilzek rescue Millie. Use rage to strengthen you along your journey!...

(Played 828 times)
Play Castle Run Castle Run
Run around the castle looking for coins and keys to figure out each level....

(Played 790 times)
Play Cannon Crotch Cannon Crotch
Youre on a mission to destroy all of the evil Nazis by attacking them at their secret headquarters....

(Played 795 times)
Play Space Station Jason Space Station Jason
Help poor Jason retrieve all of his lost carge....

(Played 785 times)
Play Travel Sick Travel Sick
Try to barter your way though each world in this odd game. Be sure to ......

(Played 915 times)
Play Zelda - LampShade Zelda - LampShade
A nice and funny RPG game - Help Link explore the secrets of Hyscule town and confront the lamp shad...

(Played 0 times)
Play Staggy 2 Staggy 2
In this gruesome game help Stagy kill as many boyscouts as possible....

(Played 637 times)
Play Insurgio Insurgio
Withstand a rhythm-based enemy battalion. Fight for liberation as you jump and run on a dreamy citys...

(Played 997 times)
Play Ancient Stuff Ancient Stuff
Use your arrow keys to move and the s-key to poke the heck out of the mummies. Also, throw items tha...

(Played 1165 times)
Play Paranormality Paranormality
Awesome and fun adventure game that revolves around aliens, a dog and a baby....

(Played 1685 times)
Play Inquisitive Dave Inquisitive Dave
Run around and help Dave collect items to help him in this fun RPG....

(Played 794 times)
Play Cyber SWAT Cyber SWAT
You are on the Special Weapons and Tactics team as you take on the bad guys....

(Played 2013 times)
Play Jungle Adventure Jungle Adventure
Help the Waffle Boy through various challenging levels and save the entire delicious waffle crisp....

(Played 1616 times)
Play Spider Monkey Spider Monkey
Youve been called on a mission to save a family of chimps that have been kidnapped by the evil goril...

(Played 711 times)

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